ClearView Butterfly Zoo

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Voucher kits allow you to pre-purchase a Clearview Butterfly Zoo and give as a gift with a certificate to redeem the live caterpillars at a later date.

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Clearview Butterfly Rearing Kit for Growing Live Painted Lady Caterpillars

Giving this as a gift? Great! Here's what we recommend ...

If you would like to give the ClearView Butterfly Zoo as a gift, we recommend ordering a voucher kit so that the caterpillars can be ordered at a future date. The recipient of your gift may redeem the gift voucher when they are ready to receive the live caterpillars. You can also order the voucher kit with prepaid shipping ($9.95) so that the recipient of your gift does not have to pay for shipping of the live caterpillars.

Witness the wonder of metamorphosis like never before!

For years, butterfly lovers of all ages have been restricted to growing butterflies in tiny cups, unable to truly observe the process. Now there’s a new and better option – Clearview Butterfly Zoo. Witness their amazing transformation through our unique, crystal clear viewing house. This interactive display allows you to clearly watch as the caterpillars grow, molt, pupate and finally emerge as butterflies, all while interactively tracking their progress with the provided growth chart and critter stickers.

Clearview Butterfly Zoo House for Growing Painted Lady Butterflies

Clearview Butterfly Zoo Contents:

This live butterfly growing kit has everything you need to develop your baby caterpillars into beautiful butterflies, including a pop-up zoo to further observe them before releasing into nature.

Ages 4+ (adult supervision recommended)

Painted Lady Butterfly Growing Kit

How it works:

Follow the provided setup instructions to construct our unique, crystal clear caterpillar growing house, and watch he progress of your critters with our interactive and educational growth chart. The butterfly lifecycle takes approximately 3 weeks to go from baby caterpillar to beautiful, Painted Lady butterfly.

You can observe and enjoy your butterflies in our reusable butterfly zoo pop-up house before releasing them. Our collapsible butterfly zoos are reusable, so you can partake in the butterfly growing process as many times as you like!

Ready for more fun? You can order refill caterpillars along with a new growing house to repeat the metamorphosis over and over again.